May 2013 Movie Preview

I thought I’d try something to break up the stream of reviews, so here I’m looking forward to the coming month of movie releases in the UK. Are there any films you’re excited about in the coming month where you live? By all means, let me know! What have I missed? (Maybe it’s not coming out in May in the UK, but I’d still be keen to know about it.) Or why not critique my choices ;)

Future London, as imagined by Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
Future London, as imagined by Star Trek Into Darkness. Don’t even get me started about how the City is starting to look a bit like this, even now…

I’m Excited About…

  • Star Trek Into Darkness (9 May). Well yes, from the trailer this looks like any other big-budget effects-laden action movie with sci-fi trappings, but it’s Star Trek, and I have a soft spot for the franchise.
  • Fast and Furious 6 (17 May). I haven’t actually seen any of the previous five, but I don’t really care. It looks like big stupid action fun, and I like that kind of thing, so sue me. Also, it seems to be set at least partly in London, and being based here, I’m a sucker for that.

I’m Not Sure About…

  • Mud (3 May). Every other month, there seems to be an atmospheric story of duplicity and betrayal set in the Deep South, and I feel like I’ve seen Matthew McConaughey in too many films this year already, but this looks from some reviews I’ve seen like quite a good film.
  • 21 and Over (3 May). Could be moronic and infantile, and the trailer certainly makes it look that way, but I’ve seen some guardedly positive reviews, and it has the potential to be as interesting a take on racial identity as Harold and Kumar. It probably won’t be though.
  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist (10 May). Mira Nair has made some decent films, Riz Ahmed is a good actor, and the subject could be interesting, so I’m hopeful.
  • The Great Gatsby (17 May). Baz Lurhmann is the kind of director that doesn’t do things by halves, so I expect this to be an all-out attack on the senses. Whether that turns out to be a good thing…

I’m Not So Excited About…

  • I’m So Excited (3 May), ironically. This is the new film from Pedro Almodóvar and from all accounts it sounds like it might be a bit aggressively retrogressive, with a bunch of extremely camp gay flight attendants in a cheesy 80s pastiche setting.
  • The Hangover Part III (23 May). I didn’t see the first two, so I’m unlikely to want to see the third. They all sound really mind-numbingly awful. And yes, I realise this could apply to Fast and Furious 6.

Special Screenings

  • The Razor’s Edge (9 May at the BFI). A classic film from 1946 being introduced by Terence Stamp. They’re doing a retrospective of Stamp’s films, but I can’t figure out if there are any of those I really want to see (that I haven’t already seen). Anyone have any idea what the Richard Donner cut of Superman II is like?
  • L’Argent (19 May at the BFI). A silent film from 1928 by French director Marcel L’Herbier. Screening as part of a special L’Herbier season within the Fashion in Film Festival.

7 thoughts on “May 2013 Movie Preview

  1. Nice list Ewan. You might wanna read about the previous Fast and Furious movies in advance, because it does have some kind of ongoing storyline. Surprised to see that you are not sure about The Great Gatsby though.

    1. Maybe I will look up the plot summaries, just to get up to speed (no pun intended, ho ho). The trailer implied something about a former accomplice being on the bad side now, I think, but I’m sure it’ll all be clear enough when I see the film…

    2. Also, I’ve never really *loved* any Baz Luhrmann films. They are always so ridiculously OTT. Yet I’m still hopeful! Thanks for the comment and the kind words, though.

  2. Just wanted to jump in here and say that Fast and Furious 5 is absolutely brilliant – easily the loudest movie I’ve ever seen, it’s ridiculous, non-stop, and hugely entertaining. Plus I love Dwayne Johnson quite a lot, and he really revitalises the franchise. If you’re excited about Fast 6, I’d definitely recommend watching the the fifth – it’s the best in the series (so far) and will directly affect the plot of the latest one.

    I’m not sure about The Reluctant Fundamentalist – I read the book a few years ago and found it rather offensive in its assumptions regarding Western assumptions (if that makes sense) – it seemed quite hypocritical and was written in the most infuriating manner. It could potentially be translated into an interesting film, but it doesn’t excite me even the slightest, although I’ve always enjoyed Liev Schrieber…

      1. Do. Most definitely do. It’s one of the few films I bought on DVD the day it was released, and it’s worth every penny. I even counted it as one of my top ten films of 2011. If you think it’s even remotely your kind of movie, then you will love it.

        1. Well, having started poking around the web for copies of F&F5 I seem to have ended up buying a boxset of the first five films, so well, that’s May sorted.


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