Fast and Furious Week Preview

Fast and Furious Week Preview
Your humble author submits this boxset to your attention.

I can tell you are all excited! I am excited. Look how I am smiling and pointing.

Yes, for those who had not yet guessed, I shall at some point in the upcoming week be watching all five of these undoubted cinematic masterpieces of vehicular mayhem, and writing them up starting Monday 13 May. This is in advance of the cinematic release of the latest instalment, the enigmatically titled Fast & Furious 6.

I’ve never seen any of them, so who knows what my week will have in store (at a guess, I think car chases and explosions, at the very least, and some polished-to-a-high-buff wooden acting from Messrs Rock and Diesel). In the meantime, I do have some other reviews of films I’ve seen recently, so even confirmed and committed haters of action mayhem may still find something worth reading I hope.

5 thoughts on “Fast and Furious Week Preview

  1. The sad news is that there isn’t any Diesel in #2 (and possibly #3?) and the Rock doesn’t turn up until #5. I’ve only seen #1 but I’d be curious about something I vaguely remember, which is that Vin Diesel gets through the film almost entirely on charm and presence, and doesn’t actually hit anyone at any point.


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