Upcoming Posts (19-23 August) and New Feature

Godard with a camera, sometime in those black-and-white days.
Godard with a camera, sometime in those black-and-white days.

New Feature: Director Focus

So I thought I needed to shake things up a little bit from just straight reviews and add a new feature. And although it will become evident that even this idea involves more reviews, it should be reviews with a bit of structure around them. You see, those nice chaps Chris at Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop and Mark at Three Rows Back are doing a ‘blogathon’ on the theme ‘Debuts’ and for some reason they’ve let me contribute, even though I haven’t so much as half an idea about what a ‘blogathon’ might be. As I’m unimaginative, I picked a debut they suggested in their post, so I’ll be covering Jean Luc-Godard’s A bout de souffle.

This got me thinking that, well, you can see from my site I’m a bit of an auteurist, so what with owning quite a few of Godard’s key works, it would make sense to string it out into a director focus that I hope will become a regular strand. And his place at the head of the French Nouvelle Vague makes him as good a director as any to start with. Other blogs do something similar, and who am I to mess with a fine idea? So there we go, I’ll do an introduction in September, with reviews of a few of Godard’s key works tracing his directorial development, which fingers-crossed will allow me to properly tackle his debut for Chris and Mark.

Upcoming Posts (19-23 August)

While we’re here, and looking more immediately forward to next week, I will have a new Movie Lottery series entry, on The Last of the Mohicans (1992), which I recently watched after drawing its title from a hat. Those of you who’ve read my Favourite Films page will have an inkling of the kind of review I’ll be giving it.

I’ll also have a review of Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park (1993), and since I appear to be stuck in the 90s maybe I should watch some other films from that forgotten era.

I’m honestly not sure, however, how many of the new releases this week are likely to catch my attention. Maybe Kick-Ass 2 though I’m feeling lukewarm about going to see it, and probably 2 Guns. Perhaps there’ll be something at an arthouse cinema I can share, or a retrospective screening.

Hope to see you at Ewan at the Cinema next week.


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