October 2013 Movie Preview

I’m again looking forward to the coming month of movie releases in the UK. Are there any films you’re excited about in the coming month where you live? By all means, let me know! What have I missed? (Maybe it’s not coming out this month in the UK, but I’d still be keen to know about it.)

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman pictured here looking out (I really hope) over a fine second instalment for this series.
Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman pictured here looking out (I really hope) over a fine second instalment for this series.

I’m Excited About…

  • The London Film Festival (9-20 October). I only have three days I can see films on, but I’ve already filled them up. I should probably do a separate post about this, but I’ve not had the time. There are plenty of premieres, but then most of the big galas are returning soon so I’ve put in for a bunch of more leftfield films. I’m super excited in any case.
  • Thor: The Dark World (30 October). Oh dear, why is it the stupid superhero movies I’m always most excited by? Maybe it’s the promise they could be great fun, even if they’re almost always a let-down. But yet the first one was plenty of fun, so I want this second instalment to be as well.

I’m Not Sure About…

  • Sunshine on Leith (4 October). Yes, it’s based on a stage jukebox musical, but this film is set in my hometown of Edinburgh and unashamedly celebrates the music of the Proclaimers, who are a very jolly pop band, so I suspect I’ll like this. But maybe I won’t. Signs are looking promising, though.
  • Filth (4 October). Another Scottish film, based on a novel by Irvine (Trainspotting) Welsh, and quite tonally different to the one above. It could be good, though it looks like it has a wee bit of magical realism in it, so who knows. Still, James McAvoy has been a solidly dependable screen presence this past year, so I’m hopeful.
  • The To Do List (4 October). It was released in the US earlier this year and got really mixed reviews, but it has Aubrey Plaza in it! I shall probably go. Whether it’s any good is another matter.
  • How I Live Now (4 October). The plot doesn’t sound promising (blah blah Word War III blah), but it has Saoirse Ronan in it, and I am convinced after seeing the so-so Byzantium that whatever the film around her is like, she’ll be great.
  • Nobody’s Daughter Hae-Won (11 October). The South Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo has been making movies for years, and I’ve been to see a fair few of them at festivals. They’re usually quite small works, minutely observed, so it’ll be interesting to see one of his recent films on wider release.
  • Captain Phillips (18 October). It’s got all the pre-Oscar hype, but the trailer made it look a little bit like honourable white men vs the lawless black pirates (a bit unavoidable given the Somalian piracy setting), so I’m not sure how it’ll play out. Greengrass is a fantastic director though.
  • Enough Said (18 October). I’m going to see this at the London Film Festival, but it’s on release fairly shortly after, one of James Gandolfini’s last movies, from likeable NYC filmmaker Nicole Holofcener. I predict it will be nice.
  • Ender’s Game (25 October). Some kind of sci-fi nonsense with Harrison Ford. No idea, probably rubbish, but I’ll give it a go maybe.

I’m Not So Excited About…

  • Getaway (4 October). Ethan Hawke in anything but a Before film is a dicey proposition in the first place, and much though Selena Gomez is probably a very nice person, I’m not sold on her acting. This one looks rubbish.
  • The Fifth Estate (11 October). I’m not saying this won’t be good or worth interesting, and I may go along to see it, but I’m thoroughly bored of Mr Assange and hearing about him. Still, Benedict Cumberbatch is beloved by many, so I still need to brush up on what his particular appeal is.


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