December 2013 Movie Preview

Sorry for the lateness, but I’m again looking forward to the coming month of movie releases in the UK. Are there any films you’re excited about in the coming month where you live? By all means, let me know! What have I missed? (Maybe it’s not coming out this month in the UK, but I’d still be keen to know about it.)

"Louche" is the word that comes to mind looking at screenshots from the new David O. Russell flick.
“Louche” is the word that comes to mind looking at screenshots from the new David O. Russell flick.

I’m Excited About…

  • American Hustle (20 December). You should know how I feel about Jennifer Lawrence, because you should really feel the same way, but it’s a great ensemble cast with a dependable director, and though I thought Silver Linings Playbook was decent if not amazing, I continue to have high hopes of this film.

I’m Not Sure About…

  • Homefront (6 December). By all accounts, this isn’t all that good, but it’s a new Jason Statham flick, and I have a soft spot for Mr Statham. Plus, it pits him against James Franco, who continues to pick roles for the WTF factor.
  • Frozen (6 December). The new Disney animation, probably a whole lot sappy, but who cares? I’m interested in some feel-good non-controversial entertainment from time to time.
  • Nebraska (6 December). New Alexander Payne films don’t excite me like they do some people, but I still want to see it.
  • Kill Your Darlings (6 December). There have been a few films about the exploits of the Beat Generation recently, and these don’t tend to interest me because as a group these guys tended to be a bit tediously macho (particularly Kerouac). Still, this new film focuses on a weedy Daniel Radcliffe as poet Allen Ginsberg, and that gives me a bit of hope for it.
  • Fill the Void (13 December). I like films that show me experiences of life I don’t (and often cannot) share, and this film by an Orthodox Jew living in Israel about that society, could well be fascinating.
  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (18 December). This is the season’s big comedy release, and hey, I liked the first one, so I expect to like this one too. Doesn’t look too challenging really.
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (26 December). I’ve seen Ben Stiller’s new movie already in advance previews, and my solid prediction is that I liked it probably more than most people will/do. But there you go, I found it likeable.
  • 47 Ronin (26 December). Big, silly martial arts nonsense with big, silly Keanu Reeves. I am tentatively hopeful, but don’t expect much.

I’m Not So Excited About…

  • Old Boy (6 December). The Korean original was a decent, effective thriller with some nasty kicks. I can’t really be bothered for this US remake, even if it’s by Spike Lee. Not sure why it exists, but maybe I’ll catch it on a plane someday, or on TV.
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (13 December). Don’t even start me about this series, or The Lord of the Rings for that matter. I have no time; I do not like; I do not want. Those who do will seek it out, and all the best to them.

2 thoughts on “December 2013 Movie Preview

  1. American Hustle’s one of my most anticipated of this month. Also, I’m glad to see some one else who doesn’t care for the Lord of the Rings movies.


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