Themed Month: Films About Filmmaking

Films About FilmmakingNew Feature: Themed Month

Using all the skill I have with Microsoft Paint (i.e. almost none) I have thrown together a very basic little graphic for my upcoming month of occasional themed posts dealing with films that at some level are about filmmaking. Frankly, there’s enough of these that I could fill every day with a different review, and I could categorise at least a few from every past month I’ve been doing this blog under this rubric. However, I’ve seen a few films recently that sort of fall into this category, so I figured I’d make a month just about them.

Ever since the very earliest days of cinema, there have been plenty of directors and writers self-reflexively turning the camera on their own art. Such works have taken the route of mockery and satire about their own industry far more often than of awed self-importance (which is as it should be), but there are also plenty of documentaries which give an insight into the process. There are plenty, too, that don’t render very much insight at all, and nowadays every DVD and Blu-ray release seems to get packaged with a glut of such disposable extras. However, I want to highlight what’s good when filmmakers turn their attentions towards themselves and their practice, hence this upcoming month.

Maybe I’ll even end with a list of some of my favourite movies about moviemaking. So yes, stay tuned folks.

Thanks for reading Ewan at the Cinema.


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