Compliance (2012)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Director/Writer Craig Zobel | Cinematographer Adam Stone | Starring Dreama Walker, Ann Dowd | Length 90 minutes | Seen at Cineworld Haymarket, London, Wednesday 27 March 2013 || My Rating 2 stars worth seeing

© Magnolia Pictures

I’ve tagged this as a psychological thriller, but maybe psychological horror would be more apt. It’s certainly a fascinating, if horrifying, story, and from all accounts (as the film is inordinately keen to stress, right up front) it’s based almost entirely on a real case that took place in a McDonald’s restaurant (here rebranded as a chain called ChickWich) in 2004. The story, in short, is that a hoax caller masquerading as a police officer is able to convince the manager of the restaurant to believe that an employee has been caught thieving and then keep her held in the back office until the police arrive on the scene. The detail is in what he asks her captors to subject her to by way of investigating the ‘crime’, which is where things get really nasty.

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