Dans la maison (In the House, 2012)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW: French Film Week || Director/Writer François Ozon (based on the play The Boy in the Last Row by Juan Mayorga) | Cinematographer Jérôme Alméras | Starring Fabrice Luchini, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ernst Umhauer | Length 105 minutes | Seen at Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue, London, Tuesday 2 April 2013 || My Rating 3 stars good

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François Ozon has always been a safe middle-class director of safe middle-class fantasies, which is the opening for an excoriating review whereby I dismiss all his work out of hand as being unworthy of your time, this film no less than any other. Or at least that’s one version of this review, an exceedingly unkind and somewhat unfair one at that. Certainly, it wasn’t a million miles from my impression of the first film of his I saw, Sitcom (1998), which busied itself with a then-fashionable media satire using as its milieu a middle-class French suburban family. I do think Ozon, and Dans la maison, has more to offer though, while still retaining some of his familiar themes.

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