Stories We Tell (2012)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Director/Writer Sarah Polley | Cinematographer Iris Ng | Starring Michael Polley, Harry Gulkin, Sarah Polley | Length 109 minutes | Seen at Curzon Soho, London, Wednesday 3 July 2013 || My Rating 4.5 stars a must-see

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There’s a point in this fascinating documentary film directed by Canadian actress Sarah Polley where the voiceover by her father Michael tells of how she didn’t want a significant piece of her life story revealed by a journalist, had not in fact intended to ever reveal this secret. Yet in crafting this film around that very personal story (of which I don’t intend to provide too many details here), she’s managed to deftly hide herself in the overlapping strands of narrative. Veteran Canadian film producer Harry Gulkin avers in an interview that film should always seek to reveal truth, thereby objecting to his place in Polley’s story, for it is perhaps the impossibility of finding truth that’s at the heart of the film, along with Polley’s mother Diane who died from cancer when Sarah was a child.

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