LFF: Uri Seonhui (Our Sunhi, 2013)

BFI London Film Festival 2013 FILM FESTIVAL FILM REVIEW: London Film Festival || Director/Writer Hong Sang-soo | Cinematographer Park Hong-yeol | Starring Jung Yoo-mi, Kim Sang-joong, Lee Sun-kyun | Length 89 minutes | Seen at ICA, London, Tuesday 15 October 2013 || My Rating 3 stars good

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It takes dedication to continue making the kinds of films that Korean director Hong Sang-soo specialises in. He crafts slight, occasionally comedic relationship dramas with a handful of central characters, including at least one self-involved young man often chasing a young woman. Perhaps he’s going for a latter-day Woody Allen, and certainly his characters can at times be as infuriating as any in Allen’s comedies. Yet Hong’s films have their charms, perhaps for not sharing quite the same bitter worldview as Allen, putting him more in the company of French director Eric Rohmer.

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