Stoker (2013)

NEW RELEASE FILM REVIEW || Director Park Chan-wook | Writer Wentworth Miller | Cinematographer Chung Chung-hoon | Starring Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode | Length 99 minutes | Seen at Cineworld Haymarket, London, Tuesday 5 March 2013 || My Rating 3 stars good

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I like strong visual directors, I cannot deny that, but I’m not as massive a fanboy of this director as perhaps some critics are. Park is still best known for the stylish and violent Korean film Oldboy (2003), part of his ‘Vengeance’ trilogy, but perhaps this film will change that. Stoker too is undeniably stylish, and stylised. The look of the film — the costumes, the decor, the hairstyles — is firmly set in the past, a version of the 1950s it seems, despite the occasional appearances of modern technology. This is fitting for a story about a family which is stuck in a violent past, apparently doomed to repeat it.

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