Fast Girls (2011)

FILM REVIEW || Director Regan Hall | Writers Jay Basu, Noel Clarke and Roy Williams | Cinematographer John Lynch | Starring Lenora Crichlow, Lily James, Noel Clarke, Rupert Graves | Length 89 minutes | Seen at home (streaming video), Sunday 14 July 2013 || My Rating 2.5 stars likeable

© StudioCanal

In 2012, London hosted the Olympics, an event which was both a source of considerable local pride (as it turned out, though many of us, including myself, had been rather sceptical in the years running up to it) and the occasion for this movie about a group of young women competing in the 4x100m relay athletics event. Of course, the word Olympics is nowhere mentioned in the script, and the “2011 World Championships” at which they compete were made up for the film — the IOC jealously guard their brand — but this film was unquestionably intended to tie in with the incipient mood of London 2012 fever.

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