Two people having a civilised conversation about movies.
Two people having a civilised conversation about movies.

I’ve tried to break up the stream of film reviews with some short discussion articles, on various movie-related topics. I’ve listed them below. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts to these!

Talking Points

11 Nov 2015: Favourite Women Filmmakers — in response to a hashtag Twitter campaign, who are my favourites?

20 Jan 2015: New Year’s Resolution — why are there so few films directed or written by women?

28 Feb 2014: Awards — what’s your take on awards ceremonies? Tedious self-important back-slapping, or vital recognition for real achievement?

12 Jul 2013: Cinema Seating Preferences — where’s the best place to sit in a cinema?

07 Jun 2013: Sequels — are there more of them and are they getting worse?

24 May 2013: Film Discussions — can you grow to love films you were bored or annoyed by when actually watching them (or vice versa)? How important is talking about films to your love of cinema?

10 May 2013: 3D — is it worthwhile? Are there any good 3D films?

03 May 2013: Ratings System — should we be marking films with a score, and if so, how?


Odeon Leicester Square, London


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Films about Filmmaking Top 5 (3 Mar 2014)
Overlooked and Favourite Films of 1997 (12 Jun 2014)

See also my Favourite Films page for favourites by year.


Miklós Jancsó (1921-2014)


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