Global Cinema

I watch a lot of films from around the world, but I thought it about time I applied myself to covering all the world’s countries (and perhaps, one day, smaller subdivisions) in a more methodical way. I’ve therefore started a strand of films from around the world, which I’m thrillingly and originally calling Global Cinema. I had thought about working from the largest to the smallest countries in terms of population, but I thought that might set me up for a lot of difficult searching for films in the latter stages of this challenge, so instead I’m going alphabetically.

CountryCapitalPop.Area (km2)Film
AfghanistanKabul32,226,000652,230Stray Dogs (2004)
AlbaniaTirana2,800,00028,748Wild Flower (2016) [medium-length]
AlgeriaAlgiers43,000,0002,381,741Inch’Allah dimanche (2001)
AndorraAndorra la Vella78,000468Nick (2016)
AngolaLuanda25,789,0001,246,700Sambizanga (1973)
Antigua and BarbudaSt John’s96,000440Dadli (2018) [short]
ArgentinaBuenos Aires44,939,0002,780,400The Fish Child (2009)
ArmeniaYerevan2,957,00029,743Armenian Rhapsody (2012)
AustraliaCanberra25,729,0007,692,024Starstruck (1982)
AustriaVienna8,903,00083,879L’animale (2018)

Updated: 4 July 2020